Admission Application 21-22

Places are extremely limited this year. Parents should be aware of this before making an application.

Muhammadi Madrasah is currently accepting student applications for entry to the Madrasah for the academic year beginning September 2021.

Existing students do not need to fill this form in.

Please make sure that only ONE application is filled in per child. Please note that a child can only join Madrasah for the youngest class, if they are 4 years old on or before 31/08/2021 (i.e. eligible to start school reception year in September 2021). There are 22 spaces for the youngest class.

Applications to other classes will also be accepted, although cannot be guaranteed as places are very limited throughout the rest of the Madrasah.

This form will close on June 21st 2021 at 11:59pm.

Admissions policy including criteria is available on the Madrasah webpage. In order to complete your application you will require your KSIMC of Birmingham Membership Number if you wish to apply as a member application. Membership status is the status held with the jamat office on June 1st 2021 at 12:01am. 

The final acceptance process requires fees to be paid in full before the child will be enrolled to the Madrasah.

Fee payment will only be due if you complete all the stages and are offered a place at Madrasah. For successful applications, fees will be due around mid-August. If you require assistance in this matter, please specify this in the appropriate section of the form.

Child's Information

As on Birth Certificate (include middle name here)

As on Birth Certificate.

The name the child uses / will prefer to use in a school / Madrasah setting.
eg. if the child's name is Syeda Zainab Naqvi and wishes to be called Zainab, please enter Zainab here.

If you pass Stage 1 of the application process you will be asked to provide a copy of the birth certificate for proof of the childs age.

If you child is home schooled, please enter the corresponding academic year to their age.

Parents Information & Additional Information

Select Yes if the applicants parents hold KSIMC of Birmingham membership status. Memberships belonging to anyone other than the parents, even if they share a residence with the child, cannot be attributed to the child's application form. Applications made with a membership declaration which is found to be incorrect or incomplete will be treated as a non-member application.

You should only tick yes if you are a member of KSIMC of Birmingham by May 31st 2021 at 11:59pm.

If you are a member of the KSIMC of Birmingham you must enter your membership number here. Any individual who has unpaid membership fees or is not confirmed as a member by the Jamaat will not be permitted to apply for a students place as a member application. The application will then proceed as a non-member application.

Enter only one mobile number, this may be used to contact you during the application process.

Enter only one email address, this may be used to contact you during the application process.
This will be the email address where you will receive responses to your application. If you are successful, this will also be the primary email address of contact for the Madrasah

If the child applicant has a sibling who is a current Muhammadi Madrasah student, please enter their name and current class here. If no siblings are current students, please mark as n/a

If you wish to discuss fee payments in complete confidence, please specify this here.


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