September 2019 Muhammadi Madrasah Admissions

Use this form to make an Admissions Application for new students for September 2019 intake for Muhammadi Madrasah. Please make only ONE application per child.

If your child is already a student at Muhammadi Madrasah you DO NOT need to re-apply.

Please note that a child can only join Madrasah if they are 4 years old as at 31/08/2019 (i.e. eligible to start school reception year in September 2019)

This form will close on July 1st at midnight. (ie. 1st July 00:00am).

Admissions policy is available on the Madrasah webpage.

Personal Information

This is not used as part of admissions criteria.

Please ensure this is correct as the outcome of your application will be sent to this email address.

This will be the primary contact number

This is the secondary contact number

Medical Information

What is the application allergic to? What are the symptoms? What is the medical response required if the child is showing symptoms of an allergic reaction?

Include correct terminology and as much information as possible.

Examples; autism, learning difficulties/conditions, adhd, blindness, deafness, limited mobility etc. By replying 'yes' you commit to providing the Madrasah with up-to-date and complete documentation.

Application History

Applicant Profile

Please complete one form for each child.

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